Thursday, March 14, 2013

Well hello there..

It has been forever long since I posted an update on the days of the lives of yours truly. I'm sure I have tons to catch up on.. but it will all happen in due times.

A brief catch up.. I fell in love. He is wonderful- he hands down loves me more than imaginable. It is so clear that my family and friends constantly tell me how or connection is so apparent. In fact, the first time I brought him around my 3 year old nephew- my sister said my nephew came in and told my sister, "You be Bec-Bec and I be Jewemy..."; Then he proceeded to play out, "I love you Bec-Bec." My sister said it was the first time he's done something like that.

That is just a glimpse into the other comments I hear from many people. I'm a very open person- sometimes too open. It maybe because I'm not a good liar. I don't like to shove things under the carpet. I'm one that if you ask, I tell. If you ask me where I see myself in five years, I'd say with Jeremy. He has changed me.. for the better. He has taught me to be kinder to people, to love more, to not run late 99% of the time, to cherish my family, and to think about my future in a very real sense.

I met him around 6 years ago at the local spot I used to go to every Thursday night. A friend of mine at the time was engaged to his best friend. She introduced me and we immediately hit it off. We joked about how we would definitely get married one day. We played it off as a joke of course talking about how we would be that wonderful redneck couple in the trailer with broken down cars in the front yard and a sprung out trampoline surrounded by weeds. I used to say I'd be the Mom that would open that obnoxious, squeaky screen door and yell at the kids to come in while feeding my husband maccaroni and cheese from the pan in front of the TV. I would of course NEVER picture this for my life- but it was always a fun joke with us. During this time, he was dating pretty seriously, I was playing pretty seriously so we did not pursue much. A text here and there and that was about it. Nothing serious- no hopes gained.

However, fast forward 6 years later we run into each other again. We were both finally at a time in our lives where we were both single. He was still going through a hard break-up so as we started hanging out I was at that "Oh we are just flirting, I'm not falling for this guy." mindset. Deep down, he needed time, he needed closure. But we couldn't stay away from each other no matter what our mindsets were. Slowly and surely, we fell in love along the way. It's hard to talk about with those that have never felt it. But for all those who have, everyone is constantly telling me he's the one for me. It's SO wonderful to know that I don't have to say a word. It's just there. In fact, my dad is already throwing him my hand telling him to take me. Definitely not like I ever expected.

That was much more detail then I thought I'd share, but stick with me.

I graduated with my Masters in Education finally. AND with a beautiful 4.0! I am now teaching 5th grade in Memphis and I love it! It is such a struggle, but I was well prepared!

I am finally looking into finding a house of my own. Financially, it would be so much easier to just go ahead and live with Jeremy as he needs a place too. However, I can't bring myself into letting him get too comfortable with us. I have seen it go both ways- and I don't know if I'm willing to risk the bad way. It's not to say I judge other couples for moving or not moving in together before marriage. Financially it's a very smart move. I have also heard people put in my ear that you want to know what it's like to live with them before you get yourself into it. For that I say, that's why it is so important to have that vow before you do. It can go both ways, I am considering both options. Who's to say what's right and what's wrong. My mind and heart will decide in due time.

Well I think that's enough of an update. I have been scared to get on here without writing an update. I dreaded writing it all because it's been so long. Hopefully, I will be better and not let time get a hold of me. The last blog I wrote was in 2011! That is crazy. Until next time...

Monday, October 24, 2011


I have grown up with people asking me all the time if I had ADD.  This was not very common in children growing up then, as it is now.  But I would just laugh it off and say I'm just super cheery.

The older I get, the more I realize how I can not stay focused for the life of me. This may be why I enjoy teaching so much I find creative and fun ways to teach concepts to students.  If I'm bored- I know they must be bored.  And I literally can not stand the boredom.  I am late 99.9% of the time because I always have to complete one more task or job before I leave the house.  I wait until the last possible minute because it literally hurts me to wait around.  These are not good characters for any professional.

Lately, I have been reading in my fashion magazines about women dealing with ADHD.  I swear every time I read one I am nodding my head like a deacon in church.  Every symptom they talked about would describe me to the tee.

For instance, stacks of clothes by a bed.  Check.
Anxiety attacks. Check. (I get very anxious very easily.)
Bite/pick nails and face. Check.
Easily bored. Check.
Losing train of thought in conversations. MAJOR check.
Loses focus when carrying on a conversation.  Sad to have to say- Check.
Behind on projects and deadlines.  All the time.
Can't finish To-Do Lists. (I have three right now that will seriously never be completed.) Check.
Runs late. BIG FAT CHECK.
Forgets information. Worst memory ever here. Check.
Time, money and paper dominate achieving goals.  Whoa check.
Spend most of your time coping, catching up, or covering up. Mmmhmm check.
Feel life is out of control, impossible to meet demands. Every. Single. Day. Check.
Start each day determined to get organized.  I swear I have this written on my calendar.  Haha!
Clueless as to how others manage and live regular lives.  Ask myself this all the time.
Feel overwhelmed in stores.  I think all my friends hate shopping with me because of this.  Check.
Feel as though you have better ideas than others but unable to organize them or act on them. Check.
Difficult time following directions.  If you know my sense of direction, then you know this has my name written all over it.  HORRIBLE at following directions.
And this is SO me: Have driving violations such as: be cited for speeding; have their licenses suspended; be involved in more crashes; rate themselves and others as using poorer driving habits. 
It's bad! haha

So I guess it all comes down to, what do I do now?!  I mean- I think if it was just me reading all these I would think I am just being dumb.  But I hear it from so many people in my life!  Thank the good Lord above it does not make me anti-social, but some of these symptoms are depressing and have bad consequences to my life professionaly and academically.  Next step is finding natural ways to control and focus.  Yoga? Meditation? Healthier diet? More water? More exercise?  I believe these are some of the things I have read that could help.  Would medication be an option or behavioral therapy?

Either way, I'm glad I have diagnosed myself with this.  Now to actually get medical advice. Blah.

Distractable, Inattentive, and Impulsive are the very words that describe me.  These are not good qualities!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Too Long

I know, I know.  It feels like forever since I blogged.  And when I do get on Blogger to check other people's, I end up just doing research for school or for lesson ideas.  Is that what it is going to be like for the next 50 something years of my life?!!?

I hope so.  Because I am absolutely, positively, madly, crazy in love with teaching.
I feel like I have been SOOOO blind to not pursue this ahead of time.  Maybe there was a maturation stage God wanted me to take before reaching my calling.  At least I learned a lot about something else I loved in the time being.. animals.  A lot like children I suppose?! ;)

I have been crazy busy... but in the most fabulous way.  Doing what I love, teaching what I love, and loving what I love.  I wake up every morning excited.  I get to dress in all those dresses I have had hanging in my closet for the past 2 years.  (Every day I receive compliments on something in my wardrobe.. "Miss Becca, do you ever wear anything twice?".. They know me so well already! ;) ) I enjoy that part.

I enjoy waking up excited, showered, dressed, and the 20 minute drive (usually speeding because I run late.  Every day of my life.  Every event of my life.  Procrastination keeps me alive, I swear on it.)  But I get to school, start pulling my lessons for the day, and welcome the kiddos in.  Even though I have a cooperating teacher in there with me 24/7, I am so extremely comfortable just doing what I do. 

When I teach, I tend to include TONS of hand movements, simple phrases, and illustrations to get the students involved and to help them grasp concepts.  I have found that even though I am extremely good at Math- teaching it may not be my specialty.  However, I am also really good at Science and that is by far my most favorite subject to teach.  It is amazing the stuff I have learned by simply going by the kids expressions.  I somehow made up the entire life cycle of a frog and butterfly using my hands this week in front of the class.  Within ten seconds, the kids could cite off "Pupa, Chrysalis Shell, Larva, Adult."  Yall- I have had the hardest time getting them to turn to a certain page, so I was completely floored when I realized the impact it made. 

I have led "class meetings" with the kids.  In these meetings we discuss the proper ways to treat each other and handle situations.  When a kid encourages another student, I immediately acknowledge their behavior and allow them to move up on their clip behavior chart.  Now it is constant positive energy and encouragement.  These kids know 'what's up'! 

Seriously though, every-single-day I fall more in love with what I do.  There is something about children that lights my fire.  I am never tired until I leave for the day.  I feel energetic all day long.  Sure it may not be like this all day every day.  Sure there is a lot of paper work and stuff on my plate that could drown me down for a bit.  But I am more certain, more confident, and more determined than I have ever been in my entire life.

Every morning I wake up excited.  Every day, I learn something new.  Every night, I reflect and prepare.  It is a lot- but it is a lot of good!

I finally got a weekend job too.  It may not pay for all my bills but I have not died yet.  I believe things will work out like they always will.  I am waiting tables at a local restaurant and love it.  I come in at 5 on Friday and Saturday nights and I am home by ten.  I still have my Saturdays to relax and get things done.  I have my Sundays for church.   Best yet- I have my weeknights to go work out, eat dinner at a proper hour, and relax.  It is so nice to come home at a decent hour.  I can't believe how much more time it gives me to just know that I have time for things. 

That is what I have been up to.  I do not ever get online unless it is for work or school.  I do not get out with friends and such.  I have only used my phone for alarms in the morning and weather predictions at night.  It has been nice though.  It's been crazy- yet calm if that makes any sense.

Hope everyone else has been well.  I sure do miss Blog World, but I know once we get wireless at my house I will be on it just about every day!

Rock and Roll!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Almost there..

THREE more days with my sweet Beth. 
I'm sad, but glad she gets to experience a year working with someone else.
Fresh ideas, new activities, new schedules... those are great for anyone!
I feel like I'm on that wagon where once I get comfortable in one place, I'm ready to move on. 
It makes me wonder if I'll ever be that mom that can settle down in one area with her family and the same job for the rest of my life!?
 I think I could.. if I could find that one person to settle down with.
Wow, I went way off topic from where I wanted to take this.
Actually, my brain is in such a stir that I don't even know where I want to take it.
So looks like I'm on the right path, haha!
Next Monday is my orientation for student teaching.
That Tuesday is my inservice day at the Elementary School.
Then Wednesday marks the first day to meet the chillin's. 
OH.. AND it's my BIRTHDAY.
The Big 25!!!!!
I might have to write a blog about the 25 things I want to accomplish until I reach 26.
Is it just me, or does 25 feel so freakin' old?!  
I feel like I haven't even grown up yet sometimes.  

Goodness.  Well I'll tell ya that I have been working my little booty out in the gym.
Not so much just running, but have been trying to spice it up with 20-30 minutes treadmills.  I either do 15 jog, with sparatic sprints, then 15 minutes of fast walking on incline.  Or either a full time running.  Or sometimes the full time walking uphill on incline at a fast pace.
Then I do the eliptical machine.  I hate that machine with a passion.  It's good for cross training I guess, but honestly, they say you burn double the cals on a treadmill and so I hate shorting myself when I could be doing something I actually like to do.
Okay then after eliptical, we do the bike on Hill Plus for 15-20 minutes.  I literally have spent so much time in the gym lately trying to work my jelly belly off. My friend has been meeting me there every night so we have been actually holding ourselves accountable to it.  Even though we may not talk, it's nice just to know someone is waiting for you so best get your butt there!

The one bad thing about it is this.  I have been working with Beth from like 7-7 every. day.  When I get off, I run to my house, change clothes, give Maggie some love, then I'm off to the gym.  I usually stay there til AT LEAST 10 pm. Then I come home, wash off, change clothes, sometimes grab a snack (HORRIBLE I KNOW!) and watch a movie or read for a bit til I fall asleep.
Can anyone see any kind of life or school work or anything productive getting accomplished?!
I sure can't!

BUT next week I start on a teachers schedule.
I don't know how I'm going to make it, but I'm trusting God.
I think I'm going to try to find a weekend job waitressing on Beale so I can make some good money!  Surely every place needs help on Friday and Saturday nights right?!
Things are going to be tight, tough, and very stressed.  But I'm so use to it now that it's just another few months of me going crazy!!!

Okay, in other news, there is a book I'm reading now that is AMAZING.

I LOVE inspirational, self-help, be a better person books.  This one takes on another realm of it.  I'm only about half way through with it and I just LOVE it so so very much.  It's about organizing, keeping your space and your body together, etc.  She has so many hints and lists and examples of how to keep your life organized.  I think it really really speaks to me.  I think it will speak to any girl though!

I tweeted this yesterday 
"I am LOVING @mariamenounos book so far!!!  Definitely hard for me to have to put down (or turn off rather) to work.  Highly suggest it ladies!

This is what I got back in a direct message from MARIA HERSELF!!!!  :D
@mariamenounos wrote: 
"Sooo glad u like it!!!!"

LOVE her now too!! How great and personal is that!  Isn't it crazy how social networking allows all this?!

As far as other books, I'm not sure if I ever gave reviews on the last two I have read.  I started reading this one..

 at the beach. I finished it soon after.  It was so sweet to read a book from a dogs point of view. (Kind of anyways.)  It was sweet, and a little bit sad. :(

This next book I have heard about A MILLION great things about.  Everyone said it is something that once you pick up, you won't want to put it down.
They were right!

It really did get me thinking about Heaven.  Sometimes we hear about it, think about it, etc. but it's great to hear all these things this boy saw and said to bring it to reality!  Yes it is all a spiritual aspect of our lives, but Heaven is for real!  Straight up. 

I recommend it too!

Movie Reviews?!  The last thing I saw was Bad Teacher. Funny movie!

But I still want to see 

"Something Borrowed"

"Soul Surfer"


"Friends with Benefits" 

and I am wanting to watch these little ones:

"Crazy, Stupid, Love."

"Larry Crowne"

"The Help"

SOOOO excited for the last one!! I LOVED that book.

Okay that's all I got right now.  Have a great day!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Last day on the beach.  This girl wants to get FRIED!  (Get the title now? FRY-day??? Okay lame.  Where was I?) 
I have definitely boosted my tan to where I'm blending in pretty well with my brown bathing suit, but I  feel I have just got to carry home some more colour!!!

Y'all- I have been so stinkin' sore this week!  We have been boogey boarding, and (trying) to skim board, and sprinting up and down the sandy hills to the beach house because the sand is too hot to walk, or from chasing the massive umbrella that blew away once the breeze started to kick up.. many, many things.  I fell skim boarding and I think I busted my bottom and twisted my wrists, and swore I would never do it again.  And I don't make promises I don't keep so I didn't do it again. :)  It was awful.  But I LOVE it when my body is sore.  A couple of days out here around late afternoon the waves were really kicking.  Even though I was too exhausted to carry a conversation, we just kept on boogey boarding and riding them waves.  Although the 10 second ride is fun, its the getting up real quick and fighting off the other waves crashing in on you that wears the soul out.  Whew!!!  

Hurts SO good.  So the other family that came with us, I LOVE!  They have been so fun and they have had me laughing so much.  I've definitely enjoyed just sitting out talking to them.  The mom of the family is a runner too and works out where I do so we have been having lots of working out conversations and such.  But the one thing that I have noticed is although I feel like I'm in shape running wise and cardio wise, I am not using ALL of my muscles like I should.  I mean I should not be THIS sore.  But I have been using muscles or rather working my muscles in ways they are not used to yet so it kind of inspires me to kick up my work out habits a bit more when I get home.  I need to spice up my work outs to where it's not just a 3-4 mile run 3-4 times a week, but add in some weight training, or workout DVDs (Jillians 30 day shred, Barrys Boot Camp, etc.).  Although I hear this all the time, I think it took this lady telling me flat out "You have got to FOOL your body all the time to see results."  She's right.  I've read it.  I tell people that too.  But that comfort zone of my running I've been working hard to get to, may not be the best to see results.  I can feel results in that I am able to run for longer periods of time without dying, but I am not seeing my body change AT ALL.  Therefore, even though it may cause me to step out of my comfort zone a bit, I am going to try to actually SCHEDULE in a workout routine to get my butt in gear.  In that book, Reshaping it All that I did a review on, she mentions how we have to even trick our own mind.  If you say "Hey I think I'm going to get up in the morning and run before work." You just may do it.  But if you turn your alarm clock on, set your clothes out, and actually schedule enough time to get up and go work out, you are more likely to get out of the bed and do it.  It's all about priorities!

Speaking of books, I have caught up on a few books.

Chelsea Handler is SO freakin' hilarious!  She had me laughing out loud in SO many parts of this book.  I loved loved loved it.

This book was weird.  Not what I expected.  I did finish it but forced myself to.  It was okay, but not a recommendation I would give to anyone.

I did like this book.  Not as much as I like Chelsea Handler's but it definitely was a good light hearted read with some quirky little smart comments that made me chuckle.

This book was GREAT!  It was definitely much different that I had imagined it would be, and definitely something different from the stuff I've been reading lately.  I believe there are more in the series??  I'll have to look into it but I have too many on my TO READ list to be worried about adding more right now.

Now I'm on this one.  So far I am 20% into it (Kindle gives percentages, not pages), and I have really enjoyed it so far.  It's not a deep read but it already has grabbed my hear seeing as the narrator of the story is a dog.  So freakin sweet, and so making me miss my little Maggie May right now.  My heart really does ache for her when I'm away.  I could never be a mom.

I want to read this one next.  I always have to throw in an inspirational "Do more, Be more" type of book when I read.  I don't know what it is.

Then last, I really, really want to hear this on audio.  I love this girls voice and I think it would be much better to listen to her tell her story then read about it.

So hopefully, my next book chat will consist of me reviewing the last few books and maybe even a couple more.

Alright, I got to finish up my coffee now and do some reviews for these research articles before I hit the beach up.  I finally got a little bit red after all this time and I plan on getting as burnt or dark as possible today too.  Have a great Friday!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day One

So here I am.

Doing this.

(If you can't read the definition, let me break it down for you.  
Research:  the search for information that takes about as much time as a full night's rest should.  Finding a whole lot of useless information in search for a little bit of useful information.  The death of Becca.  
Synonyms:  Wasteful, Broad, Ridiculous, Boring, Death
Antonyms:  Sleep, Excitement, Convenient
Refer to: "How to make a college student drop out.")

Okay.  Maybe that was my own definition.  But true nonetheless.  :)  Anyways where was I?

When I should be doing this.

I stayed up past 1 am working on this literature review that's due today.  Okay maybe I shouldn't have waited til the last minute or last few days but honestly- this online research class is beating the heck out of me.  I have so much other work to turn in at the same time, (including another class I had to wrap up) and he expects us to have all this free time during the summer to listen to his slow, super soft spoken podcasts that lasts 2-3 hours, plus do all this research, plus take these quizzes every week, plus review all the journal articles he throws at us, and more.  I just don't understand this guy.  I'm making all A's but SERIOUSLY.  I am on vacation and the one thing I wanted to do was fall asleep listening to the waves, and wake up listening to the waves.  Instead, I fell asleep staring blankly at my computer screen surrounded by tons of notes for review and woke up in a frantic rush counting down the hours before I can turn it in and go lay my fat butt on the beach with a Corona light in one hand and a boogie board in the other.

I guess blogging doesn't make me finish it any quicker.  But I needed to vent.  I'm tired, and wore out.  And it's only day one of my vacation.  Thank Goodness I have 6 more days to sleep in and start over.  

On the bright side, even though I left my tennys at the house (remember we were limited to one bag), I get to run barefoot on the beach in the morning.  I love running, I love the beach, and the two put together will equal a beautiful sunrise and a nice way to let off some of this stress!!!

I'm sure I'll blog more with all the free time I have at night this week.  Count yourself lucky! :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Only a day away.


Heres the BIG problem...
With five of us and one vehicle, I am limited to one bag for a Sat-Sat trip.
I carry three bags for one weekend getaway.
2 days.
vs 7 days.
Oh My Word.

What the heck?
So here's how I am narrowing this dealio down:

Travel bottles (never use, but looks like I'll be breaking them out.)
Big purse (to shove all my other necessary items in, including my make up, clutch, etc. haha.  2nd bag in disguise)
Homework including laptop and book. (That'll take up the whole bag right there!)
7 summer dresses (Day and night wear!)
3 shorts
3 tanks
3 bathing suits
3 bathing suit cover-ups
(laundry is available!)
1 work out outfit
Flipflops and super slim sandals (no heels or wedges this time :( )
1 PJ outfit

Rooooll it up
Paaaat it
Mark it with a B
then put in the minivan for Vacationing!

Yeah it's going to be tough, so I am making myself do it at the last minute tonight so I am not stressing out about it.
We leave at 5 am tomorrow and I am super thrilled. 
I'll be headed up there with Beth's family and I am SO excited.
We have been planning out things all week and I think a 7 day vacation next a beach is EXACTLY what my doctor would order.  

I am kind of sad because I have been seeing a certain guy who has been SO great and patient with me ignoring him for the past couple of months.  I have literally been short, blown him off, made too many excuses, etc. because I've been too busy to give him time.  Then I finally MADE myself hang out with him and I laughed the ENTIRE time I was with him. Like crying, holding my stomach, hearty laughing.   I don't do that very often and with too many people.  So it definitely grabbed my attention and we've been kind of talking and hanging since.

I have got to quit being such a nerd and making excuses all the time because I feel like I wasted a lot of time.
Now I'm sad that I couldn't go to the river with him this weekend and that I won't see him for a week or longer.  

We'll see how this one goes- but I must say, he's much more mature than any guy I have talked to and totally respects me and my hectic life which is what I need.  I can't stand it when friends don't realize the importance of being responsible to work and school and try to make me feel bad about it. EVEN after 2 months or more of me blowing him off for school and such, he persisted just about every day or every other day and never made me feel bad for it.  

Crushes are fun. :)

Beaches are fun too.

Soooo until next week, I am out of here.  I am going to try to avoid all kinds of technology except small texts here and there and homework research of course.  Facebook and I need a break. 
Maybe Ill post one of those photos of my knees sticking out with the ocean in the background like every other girl has this past summer.  Geezo.  MY TURN.
Haha :)